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Goals and tasks:
Goals. Journal material covers three sections of gerontology, which are closely linked: the fundamental (prevention of premature aging), social (interaction of an elderly man and society) and geriatrics (health care for older). Therefore, there are several important strategic directions of the journal: the development of approaches to treatment of diseases, found mostly in old age, ensuring the highest possible life expectancy older person, the organization of health care, social protection of the elderly. Hence, the main mission of the magazine is to bring to the attention of readers, i.e. doctors of various specialties and nurses, social workers through a printed material last cutting-edge medical science and practice achievements, the new data on social support of the elderly, which can be used in the treatment, care and rehabilitation of people in middle and old age, to make the journal a socially significant, necessary data provider for medical and social workers. The journal is designed for general practitioners, nurses, social workers and senior students of medical universities.

Tasks. To promptly inform readers about the achievements of medical science and practice, the use of new drugs. To learn and share experiences on the care, rehabilitation and social adaptation of the elderly. To teach doctor on geriatrics comprehensive solution to health problems of elderly in view of their social, mental and functional features. To show the need for close interaction between the doctor, the nursing staff and social workers. Post material not only for treatment but also for prevention of diseases, prevention of complications of existing diseases. Improve medical and social and professional value of the magazine. To advertise widely journal to attract new subscribers.

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