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Contract offer


Limited Liability Company "Medical technology company NEWDIAMED" (the publisher) and the individual author of the work, followed by author, concluded the Treaty of the public offer.

1. Subject of the offer

1.1 The Publisher undertakes during the term of the contract to provide services to the author related to the placement of authors in the journal "Clinical Gerontology."

2. Obligations of the Parties A prerequisite of providing publishing services under this Agreement are as follows:

2.1. Author transfers and publisher receives the exclusive right to the full on the author created the work (articles, reviews, etc. -. Hereinafter product), directed by publishers.

2.2. Author ensures that the creation of the work are not the rights of third parties have been violated, that the author has all the competences of the conclusion of this contract, and that the product, as well as the rights to it, no one previously transmitted and not available for reproduction and (or) other use, as well and it will not be transmitted in the future.

2.3. In the presence of works directed to the Publisher in accordance with this contract, the material of other authors for the purpose of citing author undertakes to indicate the authors of this material, as well as the source of its borrowing.

2.4. The author provides the Publishing House Work, drawn up in accordance with the Rules for publication for authors, posted on the website "Clinical Gerontology" journal www.newdiamed.ru. The author is responsible for the corresponding product requirements of the Russian legislation.

2.5. The publisher decides in accordance with the opinion of reviewers and the decision of the Editorial Board of the journal "Clinical Gerontology" acceptance of works in printing and publication. The publisher has the right not to publish the product if it has previously been published somewhere or does not meet the requirements of this contract.

2.6. The publisher publishes the work is under the author's name. If the product (or accompanying materials to it) does not contain other information Author warrants that he is the only author of the work. If the piece is written in collaboration, the Author undertakes to specify the co-authors in the works and will ensure that his co-authors notified of the terms of this contract, to review it and take it fully, including on the transfer of exclusive rights. The author guarantees that he is authorized to co-authors on the granting of rights to the Work Publisher on certain conditions in this contract.

2.7. The transfer of exclusive rights in full at the manufactured product author (co-authors) at no charge.

2.8. Published on the recommendation of the reviewers and Editorial Board may invite the author to modify product, assigned to the assignee of the present Treaty. Refinement is done in person or co-author. Refining the right to transfer the author and publisher at no charge.

2.9. By entering into this Agreement, expressed his full consent to the processing of their personal data and any personal information given to them in the work itself, and in the accompanying letter to him. The publisher has the right to process the data of the author as by making them into an electronic database. The author expresses his consent to the publication of his contact information in the "Clinical Gerontology" journal .

2.10. Consent to the processing of personal data can be withdrawn by a notification addressed to the publisher. Already published contact details for the author can not be withdrawn.

3. Making of Contract

3.1. A contract is concluded and enters into force, and the exclusive right to work, the author transmitted to the publisher from the date of the author's works in the e-mail journal "Clinical Gerontology╗ mtpndm@newdiamed.ru or through an online form on the website www.newdiamed.ru. Focus on the above mentioned address or via e-form is a full and unconditional consent of the author with the terms of this Agreement.

4. Duration of the agreement

4.1. The contract is valid from the date of receipt by the Publisher works until the execution of publisher obligations under this contract.

5. Liability of the Parties

5.1. For non-performance or improper performance of its obligations under this Agreement The parties are responsible in accordance with current legislation.

5.2. In case of dispute the latter will be resolved through negotiations or at the location of houses.

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