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History of the magazine

The only scientific and medical reviewed magazine in Russia on gerontology and geriatrics "Clinical gerontology" has begun to be issued since 1995 (the certificate on registration). In the beginning quarterly, from the second half of the year 2011 monthly, since 2013 - once in two months. The magazine is included till present by the decision of the Highest certifying commission in the List of the leading reviewed scientific magazines and editions in which the main scientific results of the thesis for a degree of the doctor and candidate of science have to be published. The editor-in-chief - MD, professor, the head of the department of hematology and geriatrics of the First MGMU of I. M. Sechenov P. A. Vorobyov.

High scientific level and wide recognition of domestic and foreign scientists are provided by outstanding experts: academicians A. I. Vorobyov, E. L. Nasonov, professors L. I. Dvoretsky, V. A. Parfyonov, L. B. Lazebnik, M. G. Glezer, etc. The contingent of authors various scientists from all cities of Russia take part.

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