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This agreement regulates the provision of personal information by individuals (hereinafter - the User) in case of subscriptions to iPhone/iPad-version of magazines published by LLC «MTP Newdiamed» (hereinafter - Newdiamed)

In case of subscriptions to iPhone/iPad-version of magazines user can voluntarily provide to Newdiamed (legal address: 129110, Moscow, pr. Mira, b. 36/1) as the operator of personal data his personal data, including name, surname, as well as his contact details and a full and unconditional consent to the processing by Newdiamed, including the collection, classification, accumulation, clarification, updating, modification, distribution , transmission, depersonalisation, blocking , destruction, permanent storage above data in electronic form and / or on paper. Also Newdiamed can use it for the target invitations to official events and other information, including by e-mail, compiling of statistical reports of Newdiamed for marketing purposes. Specified in this paragraph agreement is valid indefinitely and may be withdrawn by notice of User addressed to Newdiamed by registered mail. Agreement for processing of personal data shall be deemed withdrawn after 30 days from date of written notification from the User ti Newdiamed. Newdiamed undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of users' personal data. Simultaneously with the above consent to the processing of personal data the User also agrees to receive e-mail messages from Newdiamed, including advertising content. Newdiamed reserves the right to change the terms of this agreement.

LLC «MTP Newdiamed»
129110, Moscow, pr. Mira, b. 36/1
Postal adress: 129110, Moscow, Kolomensky pr, a/ya-2.
Tel.: +7 (495) 225-83-74.

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