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Outcome of osteoporotic fracture of the proximal femur (Editorial)

.B. Ershova1, .Y. Belova, .. Ganert, .. Romanova, .S. Sinitsina

Yaroslavl State Medical Academy1Ershova Olga Borisovna, MD, professor of Department of Therapy Institute of professional retraining of Yaroslavl State Medical Academy. l.: 7(4852) 30-56-41. E-mail: rector@yma.ac.ru.

Osteoporosis - a widespread disease, its main manifestation are fractures. Most unfavorable outcome with respect to survival and quality of life of patients is fracture of the proximal femur. Analyzed data from studies conducted in the Russian Federation and other countries in which the estimated mortality rates and functional activity in patients after fracture of the proximal femur.

Kew words:osteoporosis, fractury of a femur


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