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Журнал "Клиническая геронтология"

Gender characteristics of a social portrait of centenarians.

Message two.

B.А. Kaurov , Т.Sh. Adeishvili , Е.B. Matiukhina , А.А. Shcherogorcov

Branch GBOU VPO RNIMU named after Pirogov of Russian Ministry of Health, "NCC Gerontology", Moscow

          Based on the statistical analysis of the survey data examined gender-specific social portrait of centenarians aged 85 years and older. We consider certain aspects of family and labor history, bad habits, and some of the vital interests of the social aspects of centenarians. Despite the fact that the centenarians of both sexes living in different regions of Russia with differing social and living and environmental conditions, most of the indicators, which can be judged by history of life, they did not differ significantly from each other at the time of the survey. This may be evidence for the hypothesis that gender differences in many indicators related to the social portrait of the people at the transition of the latter in the category of long-lived decline. The question about the need for a unified questionnaire survey of centenarians.


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